Friday, August 20, 2010

A Clock made from many clocks

What name should this timepiece be given? A clock would be an under statement for this amazing design. It’s the father of all clocks, so name like Super clock goes apt for it. This giant clock is made from number of small clocks put together on the walls. The 12 old model clocks each marked with the time number is put around the two large hands. These hands tell the time by pointing to the smaller timepiece. What a creative idea from the designer. Creativity definitely has no limitations in true words.

wall clock1

wall clock2


  1. Who is the interior designer? I saw this as well as photos of an apartment he completely renovated on stumbleupon and have not been able to find it since! I'm going crazy trying to find it!

  2. His name is Ron...Here you can see the apartment:

    1. And this is designers website: