Sunday, August 1, 2010

The 5 Strange Aquarium Tanks

A plethora of amazing underwater world kept in a tank, bowl, or other water-filled enclosure is not merely a fish bowl where you can feed and nourish small fish it’s much more than that. These days the aquaria are lifted to a completely new level and are a place for the public exhibition of live aquatic animals and plants that can give you the insight into a whole new world of some of the most amazing creatures on Earth. Prep yourself for an incredible aquarium experience while we take you on a guided tour of the 5 most wonderful aquariums in the whole world.

5. The Telequarium (France)

This cleft word stands for a telephone booth which is filled with water. It is in fact an aquarium where fish can communicate by dialing a number! No, I’m just kidding but it would be something to hear fish speaking French since this aquarium shaped like a telephone box is situates in France as a part of a Light Festival of Lyon.

4. AQWA (Western Australia)

Previously known as Underwater World its name was changed into AQWA-The Aquarium of Western Australia. It is situated in Perth and it has a tank as big as 40 meters (130 feet), 20 meters (65 feet) wide and it has the capacity of three million liters of seawater.
AQWA showcase the marine life of the Western Australia’s coastline with over 400 species of marine world and in its 19 year history more then 5 million visitors have enjoyed the wonders of the sea from a close distance.

3. Cylindrical Aquarium (Germany)

The Cylindrical Aquarium will leave you dazzled. Cylindrical aquarium is built within the Radisson SAS Hotel in Berlin, Germany. It is built together with a transparent elevator inside. The cost for building this magnificent complex was around 12.8 million Euros. The Cylindrical Aquarium room is 25 meters long and is 11 meters wide. It can take up to 900,000 liters (240 thousand gallons) of seawater. Inside 2,600 fish of 56 different species swim making this aquarium even more bewildering. The cleaning of this large water tank is done manually so divers have their hands full when it comes to both cleaning the tank and feeding the fish.

2. Churaumi Aquarium (Japan)

Churaumi Aquarium is the second largest aquarium in the world. It is made up of four-floors and is set on 19.000 m² of land and holds a total of 77 tanks with 10,000 m³ of seawater which is pumped into the aquarium offshore 24 hours a day. Aside from many different underwater creatures, sharks, corals and sea fish, dolphin shows are also available and many other engaging activities.

1. Georgia Aquarium (United States)

The largest aquarium in the world with a stunning 8.1 million gallons (30 million liters)of fresh and marine water is located in the downtown Atlanta. It is the most popular place for experiencing the wonders of the aquatic world where aside from many exotic sea creatures like rays, sea turtles and sharks the Georgia Aquarium is home for some polar animals as well, like beluga whales. A walk through the 100-foot-long (30 meters) underwater tunnel will be the experience you will remember and cherish.

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