Friday, May 22, 2009

BenQ V2400W LCD Monitor: The Slimmer’s Choice

The trend is set. Slim is in and so is BenQ’s V2400W LCD monitor in its category, with its thickest point measuring just about 24mm. It is also the winner of the 2007 IF Design Award for its outstanding design and style.
It all began with a blueprint of an LCD monitor that’s simple yet extraordinary from every angle, a monitor that’s crafted with sinuous lines, carrying

The strength of the confident,
The power of the achieved,
The style of the sophisticated,
And the elegance of a noble mind.

The designers at the BenQ Lifestyle Design Center founded the concept of Kinergy Design aspiring to execute such a monitor. The term Kinergy refers to a feeling of kinetic energy, a force released and embodied by the contour rim of the V Series monitors, a force so powerful that dominates time and space.

With Kinergy Design, people will be able to stand witness to the power and elegance of simplicity, to the extent that it becomes a centerpiece of design. Enjoy the difference.

Kinergy Design. The All Around Beauty of Kinetic Energy. BenQ V Series.

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